Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Morning everyone!!!

It's Tuesday!!! Not sure what my mood is today. I should get off my franny and get busy here at work. :(:(

Nothing much going on these days for me. Did get some stitching done last night. I started to begin a new project but decided to get back to stitching Just Nan's Deck the Halls. Glad I did. I'm so ready to be finished with this one.

George and I were talking last night about buying a new house!! Our house is paid for and if he's going to continue to work might as well invest in something. We'd have Melanie and Jeremy move in and then maybe one day move in ourselves. Here's the link to what we're thinking about. http://www.thewhitesbuilding.com. So we'll have to see.

Well, guess I'd best get to work.

Tata for now!!!

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